19 September 2017

Web Finds - 19 September 2017

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

Meanwhile here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Franklin Covey Planner Setup - Venus Danielle
  2. How I use sheet protectors in my planner binder and where I buy cheap inserts - Franklin Covey - Tonya Plans
  3. Kate Spade Wellesley Zipper Removal | Tutorial - Dani Planorama
  4. Plan With Me // 18th - 24th September 2017 - Gemma Rose Crafts
  5. I've Gone RINGBOUND!!!!! Kikki K Medium Planner Set Up with Cocoa Daisy (mostly)...  - Rachel Blundell
  6. Kikki.K RINGS Set-Up! September 2017 | Functional & Decorative - Diary Of A Planner Girl
  7. September Planner Line Up - Erin Condren, Foxy Fix, Kikki K! - Rachel Blundell
  8. PLAN WITH ME | A5 / Large Kikki.k Planner | YES CAPTAIN - ms.paperlover
  9. Filofax Setup Herbst - Frau Papierliebe
  10. mein Filofax / Bullet Journal - Jackie Alice - Jackie Alice
  11. Filofax Wochendeko KW 37 | 2017 | mit VERLOSUNG | planningcat - planningcat_
  12. A5 Filofax September 2017 Monthly Spread - Nichelle Davis
  13. Filofax Finsbury Compact Set-Up [refilmed] - H of MD
  14. Filofax Ochre Malden Set Up November 2015 - Teri Castro
  15. HOW TO: FILOFAX SAFFIANO PERSONAL. Come decoro la mia AGENDA - Rika_Chan
  16. Filofax Tag Teil 2 - FannyFleurxoxo
  17. FILOFAX DEKO KW 36 | the struggle | deutsch - dekoRIAt
  19. Filofax Planner Organiser Set-Up - A5 Finsbury Vertical Tour & Walk-Through, Functional Decorative - Lens Of Living
  20. Plan with Me Pocket Filofax Malden Planner - Robin's Nest
  21. Filofax pocket domino - MrsYno Plans
  22. Wochendeko KW 37 - Filofax Original Navy - Nixxes
  23. [Filofax-Timelapse] KW 38/17: Fluffy Like Cotton - YasminLowe
  24. Filofax Mini Malden - Tara L1969
  25. Déco Filofax Saffiano Gold #1 - Carrément- Kat
  26. Unboxing Filofax Domino Soft Pink - prime impressioni e recensione flash - Bi Fashion Craft and Art
  27. Decoriamo insieme l'agenda Filofax Personal || 18-24 SETTEMBRE - Dany Bii
  28. My First Planner (Filofax) and Post It Supplies - Lovely Little Things
  29. First Flip Through: Malden Filofax - My Planner Styler
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Free For All Tuesday - No. 346

So what questions or discussion points have you got for us today?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced user of organisers, we want to hear your thoughts, questions, opinions etc.

Make today the one day you post a comment or a question.

It is Tuesday after all so fire away.

18 September 2017

A6 Year Planner - Vertical Format

Another insert that we have never been asked for, a year planner but in vertical format rather than horizontal format and by popular request for Pocket size. The A5 version is here, the Personal version is here and the Pocket version is here.

It looks like this:

Please note I used colour shading on this one just to enhance it a little bit. The downloads come with a 'normal' 12.5% grey shading we use on nearly all our inserts, but it is easy enough to change.

You can print out this out on a single sheet of A4, do not scale it, print it 100%, trim the printed page to 148mm high by 287mm wide, punch and then 'Z-fold' to fit a A6 size organiser.

The folds are at 105mm and approximately 196mm from the left hand edge.

You can download 2018 versions here in Word and PDF formats.

If you want to customise this insert to your own requirements you need to download the source files here Word file and the Excel file, you will need both.

When you've made all the changes you like to the template, you can perform a mail merge to create your own insert for any period you like. Check out our Free Diary Inserts link if you want more information on how to do this, including videos.

Once again a big thank you to Ray at 'My Life All In One Place' for his hard work and co-operation with helping to create and support us with all these inserts.

Creative Commons License
This work by Philofaxy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Please download, adapt, use, share, but don't charge or use commercially.

17 September 2017

Paper sizing and scaling - Update

It is the season of printing inserts ready for the new year. A season of confusion may be, trying to remember all those things about sizes and printing and print settings.

You are nodding your head I know! It is ok even I have to think hard about this stuff annually.

It wouldn't be so bad if you used this information every week, it might become second nature, but for most of us it is information we only use once or twice a year. 

So let us start with a picture. 

The three different sizes shown A5, B5 and A4 are common sizes. I've added the dimensions to show their actual sizes.

A4 is twice the area of A5, A5 is twice the area of A6 etc. Similarly B4 is twice the area of B5, B5 is twice the area of B6 etc.

These three sizes are all ISO216 paper sizes, ISO216:2007 specifies three different series of paper sizes, A, B and C. One thing in common is that the ratio of height against width is the square root of two. So if you multiple the width by 1.4142 (the square root of 2) you will magically get the height to within 1 mm. Alternatively multiple the height by 0.7071 and you will get the width of the page.

Because they follow this pattern we can easily scale from one size to another when printing. So for instance if you have a Word file that is set to A4 size to print it on A5 paper you scale the page by 0.7071, or more conveniently 70.7% or 71% if you can't input a decimal number.

Note that the reduction between each size is not 50% even though the smaller size has half the area. The scale factor for reduction is calculated by dividing the longer edge of the smaller size by the longer edge of the larger size (or the shorter edge of the smaller size by the shorter edge of the larger size).

Using that rule we can devise how to go from A4 to B5, so we take 250mm and divide it by 297mm to get 0.841 or just 84% should be close enough. 

What is the significance of B5 size you might ask.... B5 is Deskfax size, whilst Filofax have discontinued this size years ago, it still remains a popular size, although printed inserts for this size are difficult to come across. With the knowledge of the scaling factor of 84% you can take any of the Philofaxy diary inserts intended for A5 size and print them at 84% and you will have Deskfax pages.

All the Philofaxy diary inserts for A5 are in fact sized to A4 this is so if you use the 'Booklet' print facility available on some printers they will be printed the correct size on A4 paper (two pages per side) If you are printing the files directly on to A5 paper you have to scale the print to 71%. 

To help you remember this information I have created an 'aide memoire' which you can either put on your notice board or print out and put in your organiser. 

  • Popular Paper and Page Sizes (notice board version) - .docx  or  .pdf
  • Popular Paper and Page Sizes A4/A5 version - .docx  or  .pdf

Of course if you have any questions pop them in the comments below.

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